The Forest Tower at Camp Adventure - South Zealand, Denmark


Situated around 75km southern from Copenhagen (approximately 1 hour drive), the "forest tower" is a relatively new tower within "camp adventure", which is one of the best activities someone can fit in their schedule in a close proximity from the danish capital. 

The tower is 50 meters tall (45m its observation deck), providing a clear view up to 25km away. It is easy to climb with a very small grade at its flat spiral ramp. 

Arriving from Copenhagen

Reaching camp adventure by car is really is, given that you have a car. You should calculate around 1 hour of driving, and the street does not really have traffic. Nevertheless, you can expect a lot of visitors during warmer days and long weekends. The route there, and the nature in the greater area is absolutely stunning, and the car drive to adventure camp can be combined with a broader exploration of southern Zealand
Alternatively, you can also reach by public transport, but since there is no direct connection from Copenhagen, you will spend 1 hour and 40 minutes, more or less for reaching here. The route includes a train from Copenhagen to Næstved, and from there a bus to adventure camp. 
There is a huge parking lot outside the park, so do not worry about finding a space for your car. 

The Tower's main characteristics

The tower was designed by Effekt Architects and built within the "camp adventure", which is located within the Gisselfeld Klosters Skove. Its total height of approxamitely 50m is reached via a 900m boardwalk, and opened to the public in 2019. 
The tower has won several awards, even prior its opening to the public, and it consists of one of the tallest buildings that the public can have access to, in Denmark. 
The tower is build in an hourglass shape, consisting of 12 "rings" and made out of steel. Its design is reportedly maintenance-free, and it has caught international attention, with books being published and hundrends of thousands of visitors so far. 


The forest tower does not dissapoint and is definately giving its visitors the "wow" factor they expect, defending strongly its good reputation. Either being a local scheduling a day visit, or a tourist thinking of devoting one day here, it is definately worth it. 
When scheduling your trip to camp adventure, consider additional activities and attraction in the area, which can result into a fully booked day with several beautiful activities. More photos from the area are listed in the post here

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