About Me

My name is Yorghis Pournaras (Γιώργης Πουρνάρας). I am born in 1991 as the countryside of Greece, where I also grew up. I was blessed with an amazing family, at a beatiful house with gardens, animals and great food. And as I write this, I actually kind of miss it. 

As a student I was trying to be the best in the class. Sometimes successfully. One thing was for sure: I liked math. As a teenager, I also found out I have a strong attraction towards the arts: I started evening classes at a music school (choir, piano, music writting), I started hand drawing, at the beginning self-taught and later on with an instructor, and... taking photos. 

I have two brothers. They both were making fun of me (and were also sometimes annoyed) of my need to take photos of every new place we were going, and recording them doing stupid things. When I was 16, my first trip outside Greece finally hapenned: Portugal. My beloved granny new about my passion, and she gifted me my first camera. Back then phone did not have cameras, right? Or, to be fair, they had cameras that were definately not sufficient to "cover" a trip. And that is how it started, my trip in landscape and architectural photography! 

I started savings as student - I made in the Engineering School of Thessaloniki - and following my fascinating Erasmus studies in Bologna, Italy, I knew I had to spend them into a DSLR camera. And I was right. It paid off 1000x. It became my hobby, my way of expression, a source of happiness. My collections started growing, I felt I was good at it, blogging was "in fashion", and so... I just needed a name. And it actually came to me within minutes. I am Greek, I like to walk around and capture... so, this was it. Somewhat during my last year of my studies, Wandering Suvlaki was born.