A (long) bike ride in Copenhagen

If I was to pick my favourite season in Copenhagen, that would easily be the Summer. This one lovely full week of summer.  

Denmark introduced to me the joy of biking. I always had a bike a child/teenager, but when I moved to a city I stopped. Not all cities are as welcoming as Copenhagen is, to bikers. But nowadays, no matter the weather, I always pick up my bike, for any distance up to 5km. Sometimes 10 :) Depends on the wind. 

If you are visiting Denmark, please rememebr to rent a bike and get the experience. You will not only get to see much more in a short period of time, but you will get a taste of how locals do it. 

I have seen these buildings and these parks hunders of times by now. But i always enjoy a ride in the city center. Is it that my music playlist changes every now and then and that helps? Is the city that is not too loud and you always enjoy its beauty? I dont know. Maybe both.

 15km from my place by bike, but still the route is so nice that I totally recommend to every visitor to cycle north, to the Klampenborg deer park. So, so cute! I usually bike there. I actually "trap" myself at a long distance from home, so that I will have to bike back and burn more calories... But it is totally worth it: Cycling by the sea, reaching a forrest with deers... I mean...

The long daylight hours is not the best part of the danish (callendar-wise) summer. The best part is, easily, the colorful  sunsets. Below a spot I randomly found while cycling by the old, abandonded tram rails, with a clear view to most of the central tall towers. The photo below is taken from Amager. 

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