If I was to pick my favourite season in Copenhagen, that would easily be the Summer. This one lovely full week of summer. 

15km from my place by bike, but still the route is so nice that I totally recommend to every visitor to cycle north, to the Klampenborg deer park. So, so cute!

The long daylight hours is not the best part of the danish (callendar-wise) summer. The best part is, easily, the colorful  sunsets. Below a spot I randomly found while cycling by the old, abandonded tram rails, whith a clear view to most of the central tall towers. 

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Wandering Suvlaki

Wandering Suvlaki

#TeamSuvlaki consists of a group of amateur photographers, spreaded throuout Europe. Landscape and Architectural photography are the main fields of interrest, with more upcoming categories. Find a #TeamSuvlaki representative in the social media buttons below. Cheers.

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