The ancient Greek city of Magna Grecia: Paestum

I was always fascinated by mythology. Being a Greek, I had an extra reason to. Maybe that is why i get the thrills everytime I visit an ancient Greek site. But this time, I was really, really amazed. This extremely well maintained ancient city in the southern of Naples is a small diamond. 

The site is very easily accessible: Either you drive here (it will take you around 1:20h from Naples), or you just hop on a train with a direct connection just outside the archeological site. There is a small entrance fee, or, if you are lucky you may anter for free during the cultule weekends. 

You dont have to prepare snacks, as there are plenty of cute small cafes and even restaurants with a view to the site, with fair prices. 

My suggestion: Visit Paestum during early Spring. The weather is warm enough to enjoy your walk, without being annoyed of too much sun. There are plenty of almond trees that they bloom in this season, making the scenary amazing.


Being built near the sea, the ancient Greek city of Paestum (once called Poseidonia/Ποσειδωνία) covered quite a big area and has to big three very well maintain temples: Two dedicated to the Goddess Hera, and one dedicated to goddess Athena. 

My personnal favourite is the big temple of Hera, located in the middle (if you consider all three temples). Please note that the temples here are considered three of the most well-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world. 

The city dates back to the 600BC, and luckily enough was abandoned and untouched during the middle ages, letting these masterpieces stand and amaze visitors nowadays. Further findings from the area can be found in the museum, also located within the area of Paestum. 

My advice: Start your day early, if you are departing from Naples, and expect to spend at least 5 hours here, which will include:

  • Exploring the temples up close, having photos and reading about them;
  • Visiting the museum;
  • Resting for a snack/coffee at the bars with a view to the temples. 


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