A glance at Denmark's most beautiful castle: Frederiksborg Castle

I have not seen many castles in my life. In fact, I have only seen castles in some European cities, exluding the very promising castles located in Germany. In Denmark though, I admit that I turned into a Castle hunter. I love them. They are beautiful pieces of architecture, decorated inside out: plethora of statues, stained glasses, fontains, gardens. 

For this post, I am taking you to Hillerød, a small town located in the centre of North Zealand approximately 30 km to the north of Copenhagen. The town as such is actually cute, totally worth visiting. There is that cute square in the center, just by the lake, where you can enjoy a beer while having a view to the castle. 

Frederiksborg Castle was built by King Christian IV in the early decades of the 17th century and is the largest Renaissance complex in the Nordic region. The aim of the building was to show off and enhance Christian IV’s status as a powerful European monarch. Accordingly the castle is richly adorned with symbolic and decorative elements: for example, the impressive Neptune Fountain and the Marble Gallery of the King’s Wing. (official site of Frederiksborg Castle)

You know... COVID-19... things do not work as they used to, right? These majestic gardens did not have the time to bloom and being properly taken care of, post-lockdown and during my visit I could not have a shot with the water running and the gardens fully bloomed and decorated. But hopefully, next time. 

I found this statue decoration particularly weird to be honest. I mean... the lion I kind of understand: symbol of stength and highly appreciated animal, often used by emperors and kingdoms. But the Greek Gods statues impressed me. Why Greek Gods, and not the Danish Gods? Would it be an insult or what could the idea be behind usiong Poseidon instead of Thor? I do not know. 

The timing of my visit and the COVID-19 situation did not allow me to enter the castle and explore internally as well. Nevertheless, a slow walk in the yard, gardens and the surrounding area of the castle was around 3 hours. With some pauses included. 

For information, there is a tour guide (also available in audio). The castle is exceptionally reserved, and I believe that it is totally worth it. 

The following photo was shot at the top of the gardens. Here there is a small cafe' as well, with very reasonable prices and delicious apple pie :) 

And would it be a danish, a lake without ducks? nope.

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