Exploring southern Italy: A day trip to Capri

You know, there is this weird thing about Italy... the Northern cities have all the fame and as a tourist you actually don't know what is there to visit in the South. Turns out that the south is BEAUTIFUL. I will not talk about Naples in this post, as it will require (at least) one dedicated post, but since summer is here, and we started travelling again etc., I will share some photos from my trip to Capri. 

Capri is located on the south side of the gulf of Naples, belonging to Campania region of Italy. The island is quite small, has a decently-high hill (that provides visitors some amazing views), lots of greenary, and a few beaches. It is absolutely breathtaking when it comes to landscapes and water clearence, but it is also PRICY. I mean... if you are student, prepare some snacks in your backpack before coming here and make sure to check the menus before sitting anywhere. 

How to reach Capri
It is very easy to reach Capri. There are lots of ferries (check for "aliscafo" or "traghetto") departing from Naples (the port is very close to the city center, with good connection by metro nearby) all day long. The price is around 20 euros per person, each way. My advice: buy your tickets in advance, as you will most probably not find any available tickets last minute. During the approximately 1h trip to Capri, they will try and sell you a package of sightseeing on the island. I did not do that but it sounded pretty cool if you are bored of reading maps or if your italian is not the best. 

Getting around on Capri
Capri has some options for those who do not want to walk much, especially uphill. The island has bus connections between the main spots, and also a cable car (funicolare) that connects the main port (this is where you arrive with the ferry) to the main square of island (Piazzetta). Both means of transport cost around 2 euros. Attention: The queues at the main port are insane. 

For those that dont mind throwing some money out of the window, you can also take one of the super fancy taxis available, but be prepared to pay 30+ euros for 10 minutes ride. 
If you are thinking to walk from one side to another, I can confirm that it is totally feasible: I did it, and on the way you can find some kiosk making fresh frozen lemode which is highly reccommended. If you run out of time and you have to catch your ferry back to Naples, then use the bus to go back to the main port. 

Capturing photos without tourists
No matter at what time you go, if you visit Capri on a good day, it will be swamped by tourists. I was there in April, and the island was already full. That makes it difficult to get some good shots in the village (which is super cute) or at the beach. Nevertheless, a must see spot of the island are the gardens of Augustus. Probably you have seen photos similar to those included in this post, with the stairs connectingthe hill to the sea, or the Faraglioni (the rock formations in the sea) while searching online about Capri. If you want to enjoy some shadow, a walk in a park and also probably the best spot for getting photos of some caprese landscape, then make sure to visit the gardens of augustus. The entrance fee is very low (was just 1 euro when I was there).

The beaches
Capri does not have much to offer when it comes to beaches. Especially public ones. There are some spots, which you have to pay (quite some money...) to get a spot and an umbrella, but they are not so many, and nothing special. The public spots are very small, and there are way too many people to allow you enjoy the beach. Overall, if you have the chance to rent a boat, or if you have a local friend with one, that would amplify the experience. 
If you are looking for amazing beaches, go to island next door: Ischia (also Procida has decent beaches, but Ischia has the best by far). In any case though, do not get me wrong: Capri is still a very good destination.  

Capri does not dissapoint and it will fill a day of yoru vacations very pleasantly, providing amazing landscapes, good food and summer vibes. It is an exceptional supplementary destination to the amazing Naples and I highly reccomend that you devote one day for Capri, even if you are not visiting during the summer (and one more Ischia if you are visiting during the summer).

On the other side, the lack of publicly accessible big beaches, and the very high pricies, steal a bit from the glory of this beautiful island, for which I will withdraw one star from my travelling experience evaluation. In any case though, Capri remains in my Top 10 italian destinations so far!

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