One of the most beautiful European cities: Copenhagen, below 0.

When I first came in Denmark, I was complaining a lot about the weather. You know, for a Greek guy, the lack of sun is quite a problem. But you know what? I got used to it. And not only I got used to it, I even like it now! I mean, look at this beauty here. I do not know many other cities, at least in Europe, that when temperatured drops a lot, you would genuinly want to go out and enjoy a walk! 

Sankt Jørgens Sø 

Not far from the city center (in fact, "the lakes" are 10 minutes away from many central train and bus stations), my favourite spot during the "frozen" days in 2021 was the Sankt Jørgens lake. Commonly refered as "the first lake", this lake is located on the west part of the city, just by Vesteport station. The characteristically shaped Planetarium is also found at the edge of this lake. 

This lake is generally a pleasure to walk around: Many birds are found here, with popular highlight being the swans, which choose to make their nests here. For the neighbours that are regulars here, we have the pleasure to wtiness all the stages of cygnets, since the eggs are born (with dad swan guarding the nest, and mamma swan keeping them warm), until they are hatced, and slowlt becoming adults. 

This was, believe or not, a big motivation during early 2021, when, due to COVID-19, everything was closed and so I was going for a walk nearby daily. It was duing that early 2021 closure, that the city froze, giving us these stunning landscapes below. 

City Center

Nyhavn, Kastelet and Christianshavn need no introduction. What I couldn't think of though, befor witnessing it myself, was that the canals would freeze. They are directly connected to the sea, right? Sea doesn't freeze, at least not easily, right? Little I knew...  

A swedish friend of mine told me, in 2015 when I came in Denmark: There is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing. As she is right. We got equipped with our heaviest clothing, hats gloves etc, and we enjoying some hours of walk, all the way from the lakes to the little mermaid. Did we freeze? YES. Did we love it? Absolutely. 

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