Who doesn't want to visit London? Even though my motive was some good gin&tonic downtown and the trip was a last minute call, I spent my saturday morning and evening walking in the touristic area and I have to admit, that the city is pretty photogenic ◉_◉

London's Underground is the first underground in the world, starting operating in 1863. Railways is my weak spot, and I was acting like a child on my first ride (too noisy though, easily comparable to Naple's first metro line). 

The shard, standing in the heart of London, is the 5th tallest building in Europe with a height of 309,7 m. I first saw the building while at Borough market (whereas I found a fantastic place for a rich British breakfast). It is the tallest building I have ever seen. 

What fascinated me the most during this short visit to London was cultural diversity. People are dressed in any way they feel like, you can witness people all over the world, find a huge load of bars and clubs. I cannot see how someone can get bored of the city easily, but I can definately see someone being annoyed from the lack of quiteness. 

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Wandering Suvlaki

Wandering Suvlaki

#TeamSuvlaki consists of a group of amateur photographers, spreaded throuout Europe. Landscape and Architectural photography are the main fields of interrest, with more upcoming categories. Find a #TeamSuvlaki representative in the social media buttons below. Cheers.

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