A roadtrip to southern Sjælland - what a stunning danish landscape!

Copenhagen is a (very) beautiful city. There are already plenty of posts about the city (click here to view more). Nevertheless, it is the first time that I got the car and started wandering outside the northern capital. Thus, driving south on the big island on which Copenhagen is built, Sjælland, I found out that the landscape is fantastic: colors, silence, piece, forests, farms and... cliffs! 

Those Danish people... they will even bike in the middle of nowhere. Funny and remarkable at the same time!

I spent several minutes seated here. It is around one hour driving from the capital. So, so peaceful! It is really difficult to find hills in this totally flat country. Such a good choise for a break until i reached my finally destination: Møns Klint

And here I am. At a very small island, connected to Sjælland with a really cool bridge, the edge of which is a touristic attraction: Møns Klint. This beautiful scenery consists of a forrest on the edge of the island, until you come across with this steep, white cliff (498 steps to go down to be accurate, you can make an estimation of the hight). 

If you want to play it smart like I did in order to take some cool shots, please watch your step. I was some centimeters away from this "oopsie" hole. 

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