Prague: A wonderful weekend in Eastern Europe!

Prague was decided to be the first Eastern European city to visit. Well, it was not a tough decision: its reputation is well known, and especially for a beer-lover there are not many parameters left to consider. My impression? Absolutely, 100% positive. 

The ancient splendor and beauty of Prague, a city beyond compare, left an impression on my imagination that will never fade
- Richard Wagner -

Navigating myself in the city was quite an easy task: All these beautiful landmarks all over the place, the characteristic rooftops and the squares... I got every possible chance I had to climb and shoot the different rooftops with a great view. 

These little guys over here were quite a surprise: an artistic touch placed on Žižkov Television Tower (the telecomunication tower). And they are BIG. 

I never learned how this thing is called. I called it "the chimney". It is all over the city center. A touristic trap? Maybe. Tasty? Hell yeah. 

Oh, and that was me, playing it cool and posing.

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