Living in Denmark, I learned to appreciate the sunny, hot days. Visiting my home country, Greece, for a couple of weeks, I caught myself smiling at the continuous blue color of the sky, and the crystal clear, blue (of many shades) water of the Ionian sea. 

 Paxi, a relative small island in the northen part of the Ionian sea, was created (according to Greek mythology), when the God of the sea, Posidon, hit his trident on Corfu, detatching the latter's southern part (nowadays Paxi and antiPaxi).

The crystal clear seawater at Antipaxi (the below below is shot at Voutoumi beach), is the cleanest I have ever seen. In fact, it is that clean, that one can see the boats' projections on the seasand! 

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Wandering Suvlaki

Wandering Suvlaki

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