Top 5 things to do in Tropea, Italy


Situated 420km southern from NaplesTropea is a popular summer (but not necessarily) destination in Calabria. The town is standing elavated at around 60 meters from the sea level, providing amazing vew to sandy beaches and blue/green/emerald waters. The destination is especially popular around the 15th of August, when most of Italians are on summer vacation and are visiting the town, practically flooding the beaches and keeping the town alive all day long. More information on the town and a review of it as summer destination available here: Tropea Review

One (1): Relax and swim at the "Spiaggia della Rotonda"

The most popular and picturesque spot of Tropea, the spiaggia della rotonda (rotunda beach) is located on the "feet" of the town, below the wall. The beach can be seen by the town's edge, where observatory decks are found, near the bars' area. The beach has limited capacity, which means that you might want to go early in the morning to find a good spot. It is shallow only for the first couple of meters, and then you need to swim. The waters are absolutely amazing, clean and without waves. 
There are two main stairs from the town leading to the beach, and it is adviced to carry with your a water bottle and an umbrella/towel, else you will find yourself trapped at the beach without quick access to a kiosk for the necessary beach purschases. 

Two (2): Climb the hill up to the Santa Maria dell`Isola

This 4th century's monastery is located on the top of the rocky hill across the town of Tropea. It is accessible for the public by climbing the stairs all the way up. It is totally worth visiting, not only for the amazing vew to the town and the beaches, but also for checkign out this small monastery and its yard. 
Before or after your climb the stairs, go a bit around the hill and check out the small "cave" that leads to the beach, it is quite cute. 

Three (3): Find the viewpoints for the breathtaking views

There are at least two easily accessible points in the town from where you can enjoy an amazing view to the beaches from above. As these spots get really popular during peak hours, if you want your space for a photo, come here early. Try looking for "Belvedere Piazza del Cannone" and the end of the street "corso Vittorio Emanuele". 

Four (4): Spend time getting lost in the town's streets/visit the Concattedrale

Do not underestimate the beauty of the town, falling in the trap of spending all of your day at the beach. The town itself is super cute, with lots of history to offer and many local shops. The architecture, the churches, the cliff, the squares, the small bars and sweetshops are definately worth spending some hours for. 

Among the must-sees, is also the Concattedrale, which provides also amazing photograph opportunites from the streets leading to it. 

Five (5): Try dishes with local ingredients (onion, ndujda, tartufo)

It is impossible to spend time in Tropea and do not hear about the "cipolla di Tropea", which are the local, red, oval shapped onions. They are sweeter than the common onions, and they are absolutely delicious. 
Try it in pasta sauce, as a deep, on bruschetta... any form you can find it in, it is worth it. 
Nduja is also quite commonly used in Tropea. it is spicy, and also sold in touristic shops if you want to bring it home. It is suggested to first try it in small portion, on top of some bread for example, to see if it is within your spiciness thresshold. 
And finally, and absolute favourite if you have a sweet tooth, the "tartufo". It is a hazelnut ice cream that is shaped in the palm of the hand, in the shape of a hemisphere with a heart of melted dark chocolate and covered with a sprinkling of unsweetened cocoa powder and sugar. An absolute must-try, in all of its flavours. 

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