It had been a long time since I visited Italy. When I booked my tickets, I didn't realise that the carnival was at  the same weekend. So I got into the (super delayed) train, and...eccomi! Venezia! The lovely northen Italian city, romantic and colourful, with insane numbers for people everywhere for the carnival. All the cafe's where full, so we had the best excuse to stay outside and enjoy the sun (I miss the medditerenean sun).

In the city one could identify:

  • People not dressed at all (mieeeeh)
  • People wandering around with a handmade mask, bought from one of the numerous shops (that was me)
  • People with random carnival costumes and masks (cute)
  • Traditionally dressed people (fantastic!)

Arrivederci Italia! :) 

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Wandering Suvlaki

Wandering Suvlaki

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