Exploring Pelion: St. Ioannis (Agios Ioannis)

Pelion synopsis

Pelion is part of the Magnesia region unit (capital : Volos), which is located in central Greece. Its hook-like shape, forms the Pagasetic Gulf on its left, while on its right is the Aegean Sea. A lot of villages can be found on both sides, not only by the sea but also on the mountain, making the whole region a touristic attraction the most months of the year. This special characteristic, the combination of both sea and mountain makes the region quite famous among the Greeks. 

St. Ioannis 

One of the many villages of Pelion is Saint Ioannis. It is located at the northern part of Pelion. The village is really close to Mylopotamos, another village where one of the top 10 beaches of Greece can be found. In my opinion, the most remarkable things about the village are :

  • The clean sea water
  • The traditional houses - Most of them have a view to the sea.
  • The greek Tavernas that can be found through the seaside - They serve fresh fish and local tsipouro
  • They make it the ideal place to visit with your family or with your partner (the beaches are empty in the night, if you know what i mean..)


  1. Ο αγαπημένος μου προορισμός <3

    1. Πανέμορφο το Πήλιο! Ελπίζω να επισκεφθώ κι άλλα χωριά σύντομα, αν και ο Άγιος Ιωάννης και ο Μυλοπόταμος ήταν υπέροχα!

  2. http://www.discoverpelio.com/village/agios-ioannis
    Πολλοί λένε ότι ο Αι Γιάννης χρωστάει τη φήμη του στις δύο παραλίες ξεχωριστής ομορφιάς που τον περιστοιχίζουν, το Παπά Νερό από νότια και την παραλία της Πλάκας από βόρεια. Εσείς αποφασίζετε ποια είναι η αλήθεια, μόνο με μια σας επίσκεψη στον Αι Γιάννη και στις γύρω παραλίες.