Neoclassical, Mansions and Abandoned Buildings in Thessaloniki

While walking in city, you can find some really beautiful building between the ugly, box-like blocks of flats. Most of them used to be mansions, and are now used from the state.

Neoclassical buildings:

  • The 3rd cohort - built in 1890 and first used as a turkish barrack. Architect : Vitaliano Poselli.

  •  The ministry of Macedonia and Thrace - built in 1891. Architect : Vitaliano Poselli
  • The 5th boys' high school - built in 1897

  • The 5th municipal department  - built in 1904 and first used as the residence of a turkish divisional commander. Architect : Peonidis Xenofondas

  • The "casa bianca", Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki - built in the early 19th century and first used as the residence of a Italo-Jewish merchant. Architect : Pietro Arrigoni

  • K. Mitta's Residence - built in 1920

  • Villa Mehmet Kapantzi - built in 1893 and used as the residence of the the wealthy namesake merchant. Architect: Piero Arrigoni

  • Papafeio oprhanage - built in 1894. Architect : Peonidis Xenofondas

  •  Customs - built in 1909. Architect: Freyssent 

  • The school of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - built in 1887.  Architect : Vitaliano Poselli

  •  Villa Allatini - built in 1896. Architect: Vitaliano Poselli

  •  The old greek general consulate - built right aftet the big fire of 1890. Architect: Ermst Ziller

Other mansions / remarkable buildings 

And some of the abandoned ones

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